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Thoughts on Sula

I hate to admit it but I rather enjoyed this story.  It was much more interesting then “The Passing” I felt.  It was also way better then the last Toni Morrison book I read, “The Bluest Eyes”.  Shadracks a cool … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Of Mice and Men” + Historical Background

I’ve read majority of the book so far, somewhere in the 70’s-80’s I left off. If your not around there I suggest not reading my post any  further. (*spoilers*) Anyway books awesome so far, I guess for me, I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Response to Desiree’s Baby

Overall the story was very good. The start was slow, but necessary as it laid the groundwork of Desiree and her husband, Armand.  It wasn’t completely dramatic but there was tension in the middle of the story, and the wording … Continue reading

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Michael’s Introduction

Hey, my names Michael. I major in graphic design…or something along those lines, anyway I love to draw.  I also photoshop and have pretty good video editing skills. I also have a wordpress and deviaintART site. Now I’ll use this as a free … Continue reading

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