Agata’s introduction

Hello my name is Agata. I have graduated with an Associate Degree in Travel and Tourism at LaGuardia Community College. Currently, I am continuing my education in the bachelors program of Hospitality and Management and hoping to finish successfully in June next year. I find this filed to be an extension of my interests. I always considered myself as curies person who progressed into love to travel and meeting new people. Influential events that shape my path is the fact that I was born in the United States; however have been raised in Poland. Nevertheless, I had always had a constant connection to this land and other along the way.  This is a short essence of my background that I find quite adventures and rich. Additionally, I find that the eagerness to explore is a part of human nature. Nonetheless, the interaction that we make with each other, and diverse cultures, their literature, food, music, art, nature ect, we not only attain to know and understand other people but we may find the inner truth about ourselves.

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