My Introduction! [Galvis]

Hello everyone! My name is Galvis J. Sanchez and this will be my last school year at City Tech. I switched my major three times due to different paths I set out for myself (including doing a semester of Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps) but in the end, I chose to pursue a career in science; more specifically Physics. City Tech doesn’t have a Physics major so I’m majoring in Liberal Arts & Science, and then continuing at another college after I get my associate’s degree. On my free time I like to play my bass guitar, play video games, watch anime, hang out with my closest high school friends, and read about various things, some of which include alternative media, gaming and technology news, scientific breakthrough’s, comics and much more. I really dislike living in New York City because I LOVE open places, and being able to actually see trees instead of concrete. I was also born and raised in NYC so that might contribute to my loathing. I don’t really pay attention to many T.V. shows, sports, or mainstream music. I listen to a lot of different, older type music from the Baroque to Romantic Era, to old blues, Jazz, Rock and Roll, old school/underground hip hop, and electronica. Thanks for reading and let’s have a great semester! 🙂

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