Karmen’s Introduction

Hi everyone, my name is Karmen Yu.  I am an applied math major with a concentration of science.  My interest is to teach.  I been wanting to become a math teacher, hopefully a college math professor.  This is will be my last semester here in City Tech (haha, though some people might think I don’t look like I am finishing up), then I am hoping to move on with my education and step one step closer to my goal.

In the year of 2002 I came to the US along with my mother and brother.  New York was a new home for me and English was a new lauguage to me.  In this new land, I been trying to open up my eyes and mind to learn and be a happier person.  I am hoping towards the end of this semester, my experience in this class will give me a push for my reading and writing skills and habit.  I have a feeling that this class will provide me with wonderful reading and writing experience, and open up a new page for improvement.  I am looking forward to spend the rest of this fresh semester with you all.  Let’s all work hard together!

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