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Part One – Five Articles

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Email Assignment

To: Prof. Jacquelyn Blain

From: Klodjan Hoxha

Date: September 09, 2017

Subject: Professional Interests and Goals

Dear Professor Blain,

I hope you’re having a great week!

I’m in your English 2575 Section E276 class that meets on Thursdays from 6 to 8:30 pm. My major in City Tech is Computer Systems and i have an A.A.S in Computer Information Systems from Kingsborough Community College. I have applied to some internships and I realized that you cannot really do anything without a Bachelor’s. After college I wish to acquire a job in programming. My interests involve web development and applications. Last semester i visited Harvard and MIT and am currently enrolled in a class from Harvard called CS50. My dream is to go to one of these schools for my higher degrees.

Week One – Klodjan Hoxha

My name is Klodjan but everyone that i know calls me Ani (pronounced like ah-knee) so if you’re guessing where i’m from just by my name i’ll just tell you. Im Albanian and was raised in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

The reason i selected this picture is because just as it may look like a bunch of mumbo jumbo code and it can make you feel lost by looking at it, once you understand you get a clear picture and i see life the same way.