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Test Post Wood

Hey class! My name’s Wood Legoute. I’m currently a senior here at City Tech majoring in computer informations. Aside from school, I ‘ve taken up a few hobbies including coaching and kickboxing.

I chose this picture because I love huskies. I’ve always wanted a husky despite knowing how much they shed.

Test Post Joel


My name is Joel. I am a computer support specialist for a Health based organization, more specifically, Start Treatment and Recovery Centers. I grew up in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, New York and Georgia. Most of my time was spent in New York. I chose to live here for its multicultural and diversification. Everywhere you go there is someone who is from my country or other countries other than the United States of America. It is definitely the melting pot of the world.









This is a photo is of our beautiful La Soufriere.

One of a few famous Volcanoes in the west Indies. It is also

a Tourist attraction.

Week one Raul Baltazar

My Name is Raul baltazar, I like gaming when i get the time to and I built my own computer and have worked in tech for almost two years feel like there things people should know about computers and worked in last college IT office for almost two year that I worked at they have  showed me that not all staff know what they are doing. and that technology is changing , and also that google is friend.

i picked this picture because it reminds  me of when i first built my Pc at home with the help of YouTube and my friends. in high school.  and that life can alway change.

Day one – Incheol Seo

My name is Incheol Seo just call me Seo. I have a beautiful wife and son. I hope to travel and eat many kind of food in America with my family. I also desire to get a great job in America for taking care my family.

I choose this picture because I hope many things.

About my self post

Hello everyone,I am touhedul islam,i am 22 years old. My major is computer information and technology.Beside that i work in a magazine store.

My favorite hobby is to do sports at my free time.Soccer is always my first choice to watch,or to play with my friends. I like having long conversation with my close friends


Day One Test Post

Hi my name is Valinie Alli  and this is currently my last semester here at city tech. I have two kids one five years old and the other two, they are quite a handful but I enjoy spending all of my time with them when I am not in school. I hope by the end of this semester I am able to improve my writing and also grow as a writer especially since this may be my last english course. The reason why I choose this image because it best represents my life as a multitasking mom and student.

Day one – Meiting Wang

I am a student and I like Math, I like to go out with my friends and I love to travel. I like this picture because I read this book when I was in my high school. The main character of the book go to different planets and get a lot of life experiences.

Day One Test Post


My major is Applied Chemistry.  I am not a fond of writing, and I may occasionally understate my ability to write.    If it was not obvious from the previous sentences, then please be informed that the infamous Writer’s Block is preventing me from writing more about myself.

I chose this image of a peregrine falcon because the flight of the peregrine falcon could be considered similar to how a writer should write in my perspective.  Ideally, writer’s mind should be open and freely flow through many topics; just like a bird in a flight.  Once the writer finds an interesting topic, the amount of concentration required to write about the topic should be as fierce as a falcon diving for its prey.

Week One – Klodjan Hoxha

My name is Klodjan but everyone that i know calls me Ani (pronounced like ah-knee) so if you’re guessing where i’m from just by my name i’ll just tell you. Im Albanian and was raised in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

The reason i selected this picture is because just as it may look like a bunch of mumbo jumbo code and it can make you feel lost by looking at it, once you understand you get a clear picture and i see life the same way.