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For Phase 2, you’ll do the first draft of your 500-word summary.

Again, here is the Format for 500 word summary

  • Briefly, you’ll use the memo format for your document’s header, followed by an APA formatted bibliographic entry, and finally the body of your document, which includes an executive summary/abstract of the article (100-200 words) and lengthier summary (300-400 words). The body of your document should be as close to 500 words without going over as possible. Remember, the word count is an important requirement for this document.
  • When you finish your draft, print out a copy and bring it to class/swap with a neighbor or two. Give each other feedback on both the quality of the writing and the successful completing of the layout and style requirements for this document.
  • Take your draft and feedback home, and revise your 500-word summary.

Once you’ve done that, compile the summary and the bibliography of the five potential articles you generated in Phase 1, and print them out and bring them to class next week.