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Meiting Wang

This picture shows a man using computer
put the first and second 20-hole two-line Lego together horizontally
put the third 20-hole two-line Lego on the top middle to connect buttons of two pieces of Lego horizontally
put the fourth 20-hole two-line Lego horizontally on the buttons as the bottom stuck with second Lego.
put two-hole one-line Lego on the both sides to connect the fourth Lego with the second one.
put 5 eight-hole one-line Lego together in order to make a screen and put it on the edge.
put one-hole Lego in the middle of the screen and one piece of ramp Lego on the top of one-hole Lego to make it a camera.
put 3 eight-hole two-line Lego together to make it as a case
put it on the side
put one-hole Lego on the side to make it in line
put a piece of ramp Lego on the end to make it as a mouse.
put one man in the front of all the stuff.