Reading/Writing Assignment Week One – Email

There are two parts to this:

  1. Read this article: http://Laura Portwood-Stacer, “How to Email Your Professor (Without Being Annoying AF),”
  2. Create a Post in Open Lab formatted like an memo (here’s the link to the Purdue OWL page about formatting memos), addressed to Prof Blain, in which you tell me a little more about your professional interests and goals after college. If you want to include another image to show me/us more about what you’re hoping to do, feel free to do so using the Add Media icon/button.
  3. Click on the box “EMail Assignment” in the Categories menu.
  4. Hit “Publish.”

One thought on “Reading/Writing Assignment Week One – Email

  1. nahid arman

    Dear Professor Blain

    Hope you had a great long weekend. I am Nahid Arman from technical writing class. The reason for this email is let you know my professional interests and goal. I would like choose Database as my profession. I have completed my associate from BMCC in computer science and would like to complete my Bachelor in City Tech. Right now I am enrolled in 2 major subject besides few other. I understand the completion in the job market so besides my Undergrad studies, I took a few professional courses as well.

    Thank you so much for your kind attention in reading my email.


Nahid Arman

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