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750-Word Expanded Definition

750 expanded definition

To: Professor Blain

From: Marcia Elias

Subject: 750-word Expanded Definition

Date: October 19, 2017


Technology is the use of knowledge to invent new devices or tools. Technology originated from the Greek word tekhné (art, craft) and logia. This definition is toward children and this summary will contain multiple definitions and sentences for children to understand and have a better understanding.

Discussion of Definitions

            To find these definitions I used google and that led me to multiple sites to help me further such kids Britannica, and I was excited to see different definitions tailored to all ages of children. Children understand meanings different so it is important to use the correct variation of a definition.

Definition #1 from

Technology is the knowledge in solving problems or used to make tools. The advancement of technology has been tremendous, starting with the Stone Age with the creation of fire to the present with computers, smartphones and the Internet. This definition is useful for those who are learning about the idea of technology and an understanding of its advancement. I noticed that after the definition, the website included a little history of technology which I found very useful for an explanation for a child to understand what technology is and what it does.

Definition #2 by

Technology is the use of science in a workplace where problems are solved or useful tools are made. Technology in hospitals is important and needed. We need thermometers to measure our temperature, scales to check our weight and stethoscopes to check our heartbeats and breathing to make sure we are healthy. These instruments are also called medical technology. This helps people break down how technology is used in different environments.

Definition #3 by

Technology is the strategy and the use of inventions in being able to solve problems in the areas it is needed. Technology has helped the world whether positively or negatively. Texting and driving has been a real big issue throughout the years harming a lot of people which can result in death. T.V commercials and posters were made to inform us that texting and driving is a dangerous thing to do. Technology went beyond that and created different phone applications to where messages and calls cannot be accessed while on the road.

Contextual Uses: I will be explaining the term Technology to 6th graders, my mother in Spanish and high schoolers

Sentence #1

  • Sentence: Improvements in medical technology is helping save many lives.
  • Audience: 6th grade students.
  • Audience analysis: When 12 year olds think of technology they assume it’s their gaming consoles, their PCs and their smartphones.
  • Purpose & context: Teaching them that there is a wide range of technology and the use can have endless possibilities.

Sentence #2

  • Sentence: La tecnología morderna no tiene que asustarnos (We must not be scared of modern technology).
  • Audience: My 84 year old mother who speaks no English
  • Audience analysis: Growing up in the mid-40s as a teen and the 50s as an adult technology was much different then what we are experiencing now in the 21st century.
  • Purpose & Context: It is normal to be skeptic on things we do not know, so informing her about the wonderful aspects of technology helps ease the mind full of doubt.


Sentence #3

  • Sentence: Technology is a way to get ahead in this world age.
  • Audience: High schoolers
  • Audience analysis: High schoolers are soon to enter the world of adulthood. Technology is going to become their best friend in life situations for example, searching and applying for a job, having internet access for emails/texts and getting assignments completed whether school or job related.
  • Purpose & context: Teaching students that good can come from technology. Technology is not be wasted when given the opportunity to use it.





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750-word Expanded Definition

This next project is a 750-1000 word expanded definition. It should define a term that’s important to your studies and future career. It should be something you’re interested in and passionate about. To do this, you must use at least three library-sourced citations and use APA citation both in-text and in a separate References page. Here’s a template for the final document:  750-word-doc-template with example

For the first class (9/28), we’ll focus more on what you already know about the term you’ve selected, researching the term as defined by others and the use of the term in various publications. Here are the steps:

  1. Create a new document for your expanded definition.
  2. In your own words, define the term that you’re writing about.
  3. Read about your term on Wikipedia, paying attention to the kinds of information Wikipedia has about it, and focusing especially on the references section for possible sources in your further research. NOTE: Wikipedia can NOT be one of your three sources, but it’s a great place to get ideas for where to go next.
  4. Locate sources that define your selected term. Copy quotations and document all bibliographic information in the document you already opened. The more quotations and uses you can find, the more material you’ll have access to in writing the content of your expanded definition document.
  5. Think about what images you could incorporate into your document, especially when it comes to the audience-directed sentences. For example, if you’re writing about cloud computing and your first sentence is directed at middle school students, you could create an image of clouds connected to a computer; if your audience is other professionals, you could take a photo of a line of servers. Be creative and experiment. If you want to find something online, you’ll need to find things that are public domain or Creative Commons licensed (search here for things you can use, and be sure you attribute the images if the source asks you to).

Bring all your research to the next class.

For the next class (10/5), you’ll be writing a draft of your Expanded Definition and getting feedback from each other. That includes deciding what images to use and putting them into your document. Once you get their feedback (and mine), you’ll take it all home and bring in a final draft of the Expanded Definition on October 12.

Lecture slides

750-Word Expanded Definition

The Assignment:

750-Word Expanded Definition Individually, you will write a 750-1000 word expanded definition of a technical or scientific term, with cover memo, which demonstrates: 1. correct memorandum format. 2. knowledge of the etymology and historical development of the term. 3. examples of the term’s use in various written contexts. 4. ability to compare and contrast various uses of the term. 5. use and citation of sources with proper attribution. 6. awareness of audience. At least three library-sourced citations are required and should be cited following APA format.