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Summary – 1

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Email Assignment

To: Prof. Jacquelyn Blain

From: Incheol Seo

Date: 09/07/2017

Subject: Professional Interest and goals

My primary interest is system engineer, and my secondary interest is how to learn about networking, servers and programming knowledge. I have learned and worked in IT field several years ago. But I am still learning hard due to rapid technological advancements. One of my goals is to graduate from this school, and find out IT field job because this fall semester is my final term. I know it is not easy to graduate and get job. But for my beautiful wife and son I will do it.

Day one – Incheol Seo

My name is Incheol Seo just call me Seo. I have a beautiful wife and son. I hope to travel and eat many kind of food in America with my family. I also desire to get a great job in America for taking care my family.

I choose this picture because I hope many things.