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Email Assignment

TO: Professor Blain

FROM:  Gabriel Ortiz

DATE: 9 / 7 / 17

SUBJECT: Career Aspirations

Through my experience as a student, I have changed career aspirations several times.  However, I am certain that I would prefer to work as a chemist in the Green chemical industry.  The Green industry focuses on reducing the presence of chemical that are considered hazardous to people and the environment.  In my opinion, the importance of discovering better methods to safely discard chemical waste is not stressed enough.  Nor does the industry have an adequate amount of public interest.  The Green Industry certainly needs more employees for a continued growth if it wants make a noticeable difference to the public eye.

Day One Test Post


My major is Applied Chemistry.  I am not a fond of writing, and I may occasionally understate my ability to write.    If it was not obvious from the previous sentences, then please be informed that the infamous Writer’s Block is preventing me from writing more about myself.

I chose this image of a peregrine falcon because the flight of the peregrine falcon could be considered similar to how a writer should write in my perspective.  Ideally, writer’s mind should be open and freely flow through many topics; just like a bird in a flight.  Once the writer finds an interesting topic, the amount of concentration required to write about the topic should be as fierce as a falcon diving for its prey.