Class Notes 11/24

Reminders about progress updates:

Everyone should

  • Be addressing useful comments and concerns about your project
  • Be very specific and detailed in your moving forward section
  • How will your deliverables reflect the media you’re using
  • Remember the week of 11/30 is the last week of creating content before drafts are due 12/8
  • Attend meetings with Professor Belli for guidance
  • All aspects must be completed by the 8th
  • Make the next two updates geared towards how you’ll complete the project

Ashley- Define clearly that you’re looking at peoples interaction and attitudes about the content not you personally

Pam- How can you tell how a website chose to get their content out there

Fola- Build your linkedin and add content to it, use the help tool. Visit the Professor development center on campus. Attend an open lab workshop and touch on your e-portfolio more in your updates.

Jodie- Clarify delivery aspects and narrow down focus

Sam- Define success more clearly, maybe divide content into genres, use third party app.

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