Keep Pushing Forward-Reflection 2

This week has had it’s ups and downs. Last week, my reflection was focused on refining the technicalities of the definitions and deliverables of this project. This week my focus veered greatly from the goals I originally set out to accomplish. When I envisioned this project, I did not foresee the roadblocks I have encountered.One of my biggest issues is balancing life with blogging and vlogging. In the past week I have encountered two deaths that rocked my focus very far from my mission.

Something I have come to realize is that inspiration for blogs are in everything however taking the time in every day to create a post, write a tweet, and advertise my blog have to be clearly timed into the schedule. I have begun to set alarms to stay on track with when a post should be written. The post I am happiest with actually came from a moment of inspiration while walking outside. I have since downloaded the WordPress app on my phone for posting on the go, which works best for me.

As for updates on my success in this week, there has not been many. There have been no new views to the site but I have gained 3 followers on Twitter. It has been a struggle to get much interaction with my content. My newest approach is actively adding individuals that have already been immersed in the natural community. This week has taught me that successful branding requires much outreach to connect others with my content. Going forward, I hope to have 30 views in the next 3 days with proper promotion and interaction with others.

Something I have done is to see if my site appears in many popular natural keyword searches. Some of the words I used were ‘natural hair’ and ‘curl pattern’ which are two common searches. My site was on the 17th page (yes I searched that far). Through the use of more successful promotion and using more keywords and tags in each post I hope to have a more successful week.

Going Forward

In the next week i will be dedicated to the mission I set out to accomplish. While my ePortfolio still needs work, the reflections have put me on a path to complete this project with some success. I will be utilizing strategic social media skills to push this blog in a more successful direction.

Udpate from Original Post

Some of the feedback I received in the last class were key points in further defining my project Since the discussion i am still narrowing down how I will incorporate viewer analytics into the project without shifting the original goal. I have incorporated Samantha’s suggestion to add a mission/vision statement.

Link to Blog

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.52.24 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.11.43 PM  Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.43.13 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.11.10 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.44.51 PM


I am open to as much feedback as possible as to how  I can make this blog as successful as possible. Please, if anyone has any critiques of comments I am open to all of it. Also, below is a video that has some light editing. Please view and give some feedback. Thank you!

Download (PPTX, 523KB)

2 thoughts on “Keep Pushing Forward-Reflection 2

  1. Ashley, some notes from our conference. By Th 12/3, please update the post/presentation:

    -include multimedia deliverables in progress (screenshots, links to blog, Twitter, etc.)
    -email OpenLab (cc me) about Prezi embed issue
    -include the feedback you got (in class, peer review, discussion, conferences from me), and how you integrate that into your project. The Project Reports should read like a trajectory of your project
    -scale the project (don’t have to vlog every day)

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