Revised Proposal – Search Engine Optimization

Project Proposal

Topic: Search Engine Optimization Techniques

All major search engines have primary search results. This is where content like web pages, images, and videos are listed. These listings are free results and are ranked based upon what the search engine considers most relevant to users. Although there are no guarantees to have a number one spot through a search, by understanding and using search engine optimization, it is possible to achieve a high ranking on search engine return pages (SERPs).

I propose a detailed analysis of search engine optimization which includes the techniques and contributing factors that influence them. In this project, I will explain the followng:

  1. The main objectives of search engine optimization and the method it uses to boost the frequency of a website results returned by a search engine in an effort to maximize user traffic to the site.
  2. How to measure website success using indicators and analytic tools.

As an interactive component of my research project, I will conduct the following case studies:

  1. Select a webpages, images, or video and track its ranking over a 4 or 5 week period and record any changes daily in a progress report.
  2. Compare a competitors ranking in a comparison report.
  3. Create a webpage, image, or video and track its ranking daily over a 4 or 5 week period.

Multimodalities to be used:

  1. Excel for progress reports
  2. Video maker/image maker to create personal image
  3. Pinterest/Youtube
  4. Other.

Topics and Projected Timeline:

Week of November 15th

  • Explain search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in search results.
  • Explain search engine return pages (SERPs)
    • Discuss the process of listing results returned by a search engine in response to a query or search word.
  • Select a webpage to track its ranking.
    • Examine the contributing factors.
  • Select a competitor’s webpage to track its ranking.
  • Create a comparison report.
  • Create a personal image or video and post to Pinterest or Youtube.

Week of November 22nd

Discuss SEO obstacles and look at two SEO philosophical approaches:

  • White hat approach – follows all search engine rules and policies. Focuses on relevancy and organic ranking Topics:
    • Keywords
    • Spiders/crawlers
    • Headers
    • Keyword stuffing
    • Link analysis
  • Black hat approach – use of aggressive SEO tactics that do not follow search engine rules and policies Topics:
    • Redirecting
    • Page stuffing
    • Selling and farming links


  • Update webpage progress report
  • Update competitors webpage tracking progress report
  • Update comparison report.
  • Update personal image or vedio tracking progress report

Week of November 29th

Discuss how to measure a website performance and search engine optimization rankings using a website speed test.


  • Update webpage progress report.
  • Update competitors webpage tracking progress report.
  • Update personal image or video tracking progress report.

Week of December 6th

Finalize project and conclude progress reports and comparision report.

  • Webpage progress report.
  • Competitor’s webpage progress report.
  • Personal image or video tracking progress report.

Material Resources:

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6 thoughts on “Revised Proposal – Search Engine Optimization

  1. Thanks for letting me know you updated this earlier today (11/16) Pam. This is much more detailed, and I have a better sense of your project now. I think you’re almost there (one thing that needs clarification, still, is how you will “track the ranking” of the content you are exploring and creating). Can you make it to my office hours (before class) tomorrow, Tu 11/17, for a brief chat to finalize things?

  2. After our discussion today, you’re good to go. Yay! 🙂

    (Just remember to clarify, as the project develops, what your methods of tracking are, and to contextualize the limitations of that method)

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