Class Notes- Tuesday 09/29


1. Before class begins, log ontoĀ OpenLab site (& open anything else-digital or print you need for day’s class)

2. Class notes should be thorough (not just vocabulary and what is written on the board) and should be posted by the night of the class

Carroll, Chapter 7: Writing for Blogs

debate: blogger vs. journalist (general interest vs. servicing the public)

Can good quality of blogging be achieved?

When everyone is able to blog, how credible is that idea?

Anyone can blog however, it is only effective when it is understood by the audience “targeted serendipity”

What are the attributes of a great blogger?

Permalink– permanent links

Attribute– defining characteristic

Blogosphere– realm of blogging

Explicit– stated clearly and in detail, leaving no room for confusion or doubt

Hierarchy– an ordering in which things are placed

Folksonomy– crowd-sourced classification system, user generated way of classifying things (tagging is a folksonomy)

Anonymous– without a name

Eponymous– to be named after

Curate– filtering and organizing information

Idiosyncratic– your own personal way of doing something; individual


  • Tagging produces aggregating content through shared interests
  • Tagging is like a search engine
  • Tagging is used to “sell’ content
  • Hashtags are a form of tagging, servicing a little bit of a different purpose, to make something visible and to create engagement
  • Think of tagging as key words to distill key concepts/componentsĀ from the reading


Good blogging consists of:

  • being ethical; refrain from lying but being responsible
  • being subjective; getting across your individual views


*For Thursday, everyone should reread everyone’s introduction and in a brief comment, comment what you gathered out of the key words. Are there any discrepancies? Also,Ā tag all past posts and posts moving forward.






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  1. Thanks Fola for posting these notes so quickly after class … very helpful!

    Just a reminder that, in terms of HW:

    1) everyone should also tag previous posts, #1-5, by early next week, and most recent one, #5, by tomorrow’s class)
    2) “blogs” presentations in class (see more details on the Schedule)

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