Class Notes (9/25)

*Next week is moving into discussing blogging as a genre

*All readings are in the Carrol book

*Chapter 7 is leading into next week’s discussion

*Will be looking at The Buzz (OpenLab)

*Blogs are back to Monday night deadline


Discourse Community

Have own language, rules, norms (standards)

There is a social and cultural aspect

A group of people that discuss shared ideas/values


“Wikipedia’s Politics of Exclusion” – Gruwell

Do women prevent themselves in way of gender biases?

Different ways of conceiving truths.

Eliding: to leave out

Interfaces can mask and promote social biases by eliding them

*Contribute to class discussion



Ethical responsibility

“Social capital” (Carroll 224)

News-> different agendas

Participatory/citizen journalism (Carroll 213)

Hyperlocal news (Carroll 229)

Realities of photojournalism:



*Ability to trace


*Digital nature

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