Hey guys! So as you all know my name is Fola and I love kids so there’s nothing I won’t do for them. Aside from kids I would say my second love is fashion. I’m not big on the latest trends but definitely love to dress up when I can. My mom actually owns a Nigerian retail store and I work there from time to time. I’m even learning how to sew. I’m over shopping at retail stores and online where it’s accessible to everyone. However, my ultimate career goal is to become a pediatrician with my own practice. I intend to work for myself and not for others. I want to be able to change the way kids perceive “the doctor’s office” if you know what I mean. I actually took two summer courses, one for each summer session so this summer wasn’t so eventful other than the 14hr drive I took with my family for my cousins wedding in Atlanta.

I don’t think as a writer I am at the level I should be. I feel like I am still at the beginners level because there is always room for improvement. I definitely love to read, typically to stimulate my mind and as a thinker I lact creativity; to think outside of the box. What I dislike about writing is writer’s block. LOL. I like to write whas on my mind when I feel there’s no one to talk to. I enjoy reading just about anything but mostly romance novels.

My sense of science fiction would be creating a story that uses science as a them with some aspect of space or time.

I chose Professional and Technical Writing as my major because even though I like biology, I like English more and I excel in it better. What I hope to gain from it all is my ability to become a better writer and thinker even. That way I can be as innovative I can be in the medical field.

Just a small portion of my large family.

Just a small portion of my large family when we took the trip to Atlanta.

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  1. Hi Fola, I like that you want to make a change in the way kids are treated at the doctors office and would be interested to know how this can be improved. Having three children of my own, I can say I survived the doctor visits but it wasn’t always easy.

    • I haven’t quite figured it out yet but I do think there should be another method to giving children their mandated shots because I do believe part of the reason children are afraid are because of needles. I definitely was. But I’m honestly striving to put a smile on every child’s face once they leave the doctor’s office.

  2. Hey Fola!
    So possible new tags I would add would be,

    Aspirations : because you talk about your career goals a lot in the first paragraph
    Writing to improve: because you mention wanting to become a stronger writer on a higher level.
    Summer studies: because you took summer classes this year.

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