Meeting Agenda # 3- Lian,Deniel,Derrick,Chris

Group 5: Chris, Deniel, Derrick, Lian
Location 1: Online; Skype
November 29, 2014; 2:00pm-3:00pm

To discuss the format of our final presentation format, our survey locations and what we have to do coming into the final weeks of class

i. Final presentation
• Pros and Cons about our presentation
• How our presentation stacked up against the other groups
• What we liked about other groups presentations that could be used in ours
• Slide order/ Powerpoint structure
• What new info will be used in our revised presentation
• Made notes to include Class/Professor feedback into revised presentation

ii. Survey
• Agreement that survey is at its final stage
• Prime locations for distribution discussed
• How it will be presented to students

iii. Final thoughts
• What we need for next week
• The semester’s winding down so what we discussed what we need for the endgame
• Making sure we place new sources that were important to the project into the bibliography