Progress Report #4 Calvin, Ogulcan, Rosa

11/26/14 – 12/2/14

Immediately after the discussion we had with Professor Belli on 11/26/14, we needed to figure out what we wanted to do with our project and get a consensus. We had two options which were to continue with our project but change the direction again to dissect teacher evaluation surveys and explain why they aren’t effective as they potentially can be, or, to change the topic of our project completely to something along the lines of knowing your computer and assembling one for people that are technologically challenged.

We decided to stick with our original project but change the direction of it yet again. We are very desperate on time so we definitely did not want to create more work for ourselves writing a new proposal, do additional research on the new topic and then create new annotated bibliographies from it.

Our consensus was to embrace the idea that the professor gave us which was to discuss why teacher evaluation surveys aren’t effective and how we can improve it. Eventually, we want to create our version of it after doing enough research.

After the Skype meeting we had on 11/30/14, we started researching on teacher evaluations and listing potential sources to use for our annotated bibliography. We also started brainstorming on how to classify some of the questions on other CUNY student teacher evaluation surveys. From there, it would give us better criteria on how to create a more effective survey based on the research that we have done.

During the meeting we had with Professor Belli on 12/2/14, we learned that we can’t recreate and improve the student teacher evaluation survey that we had originally planned to serve as our main focus for the project due to political reasons. As an alternative, we discussed some new possibilities for our project and brainstormed a few example questions to put on our survey. We also discussed what we need to accomplish by next class and by the end of the week. We also went over some of the deliverables for our project to gain a better perspective of the components that are included in our final project.

The Skype meeting that we held later in the evening went over all that things we discussed during the meeting with Professor Belli and composing a few questions that will hopefully be within the realm of what Professor Belli suggested to us. Our main priority right now is to have a draft of the survey, obtain results from our classmates and have Professor Belli review it to see if were headed in the right direction or not. We all hope that this will be the last time we have to change our project as we are running out of time and our overall morale for the project is dissipating.