Progress Report- Derrick, Lian, Deniel, Chris

Progress Report
Derrick Richards, Lian William, Christopher Roberts, Deniel Boodoo
English 3773
Professor Belli
December 2, 2014

The semester is coming to a close so but we don’t have much work cut out for us. It was thanksgiving so we decided to not meet in person on Friday but we still convened on skype on Saturday. Since we’ve been working on so much throughout the semester and because we’re used to the format of our meetings, the meeting was smooth and to the point.

Our presentation was the starting point for our discussion and focused on a couple of key points. The main points we focused on were the feedback from the class, what we liked about others presentations and revising the structure of our own presentation. We then went on to discuss our survey and prime places to distribute it. Lastly, we discussed what we needed to move forward and end the semester strong.

Our main goals over the next couple of weeks are to get our deliverables in check and prepare our final presentation and papers. To do this we must convene with you to approve our work and then distribute and acquire our results from our surveys. Things become very systematic from there as we compile the data and use it to create our second memo and slides for the final presentation.