Philips user manual

The manual i found is a Philips user manual. The product is a hairdryer, their HP8102 model. This is a common model of a hairdryer that you can buy in nearly any store that sells hair-care products. It can also be found online on websites like Amazon. This hairdryer is special, it is unlike other hairdryer. This hairdryer can fold in on itself making it portable.

First clarity, the manual is very clear. The pictures are large, they are well labeled and the labels correspond to well written descriptions. From the images you can clearly see how the hairdryer should be folded and you know exactly what to press and where. From even taking a cursory glance at the manual, I understood what it was for and how i should be using the product. It was even a pleasure to read the manual because of it’s clarity.

Second is accessibility. This manual was pretty easy to find. All i did was search for the model of the hairdryer on Google and it was a top result. If i could find it so easily, i think anybody else could, too. Not only is it easy to find, but the information inside it is also very accessible. I knew what i was looking at the second I saw it. It was clearly labeled at the top and the picture matched my product. Sometimes different products get grouped into one manual because they are very similar. They don’t always account for the slight differences between the product and the user becomes confused. This was NOT the case with this manual.

The manual has very high usability. Mostly due to the fact that it is very short. This helps keep your attention while you read. Most people never open their manual, but the few that do quickly become discouraged due to the length. You’re not bogged down with a ton of instructions, lots of labeled pictures and long-winded text descriptions. You know what you bought the product for, so you just want to know how to use it properly and this manual is very usable in that sense. Gets right to the facts. It describes how to fold it properly. It then gets into how to properly use it to dry your hair. Last and certainly the least it, it gives you the Guarantee and service section of the manual with all the things nobody wants to read but they have to say. Afterwards, you get another set of images of the products just so you don’t have to flip the pages or scroll up again.

Philips user manual, HP8102 blowdryer model