Instruction Manual for the Iron Gym

For this assignment I decided to use the Iron Gym instruction manual. It is something that I already own and use on a daily basis. The Iron Gym is essentially a work out bar that you can use to perform a variety of exercises on the upper body. The manual is broken up into three parts where it first outlines the assembly process, the exercises you can perform and a nutrition guide after the workouts. Overall the manual is concise and easy to comprehend.

The manual first introduces the multi-functionality of the bar with a user discretion to prevent any injuries while using it. It then shows a computerized image of the bar with captions describing each part of the bar and a list of different pieces that the whole set comes with. The illustration for the assembly process is one image showing where all the screws should belong and how to put together the different pieces.

The next section which is also the largest section, are the exercises that can be performed on the bar. Each page from this section shows the proper form of the exercise and brief precautions to take to prevent any injuries. Each exercise also comes with illustrations that show the starting and ending positions for each exercise.

The last section is a nutrition guide that supplements the exercise section. This section covers the dietary factors and the recommended amount one should consume after the workout. It also breaks down the time of when each dietary factor should be consumed such as what time protein and carbohydrates should be consumed.

In conclusion, the manual is concise and easily accessible especially when compared to an instruction manual such as this. The assembly process is brief and the illustrations are detailed and straight forward.