City Tech Education & Career Preparedness

Due to this is my first semester at City Tech, I have not grasped the full extent of what this school has to offer. But I can say this, from looking through the catalog of this school I can say that with these classes that I take from here, it would help in me gaining knowledge in my field of Computer Systems technology as well as any career that relates to my field whether it be in software development, system administrator or network administrator. I haven’t come to terms which path I will be taking as of yet but from looking over the material of the catalog, through the organization of the catalog of how what is to be taught in specific paths, I can see which path I would be taking. Another thing that I like about the City Tech when it comes to my major is the options that they give you. Now that can be a good thing or bad because the way that technology is going it could be better to stick to one field and be really good at it but on the other hand, with learning from these options, you are not limited when applying for a job.

Now as I researched some of these other schools like Hunter college, Queens college and NYU, I saw that some of there courses are similar but different in terms of they don’t call the course Computer Systems but instead consider it Computer Science and as for the organization of what is needed I think Queens college had a good one where you got to see what would be needed for your curriculum. Another school I noticed was Devry and since I transferred from that school, after overlooking there catalog, they didn’t have Computer Systems as a course in that school. The only courses they had was the Computer Engineering technology and Computer Information Systems. In comparison, the Computer Information Systems was maybe the only course that I would say came close to our Computer System course. Also, what was intriguing with Devry was when you were close to completing your course, your final course would be a senior project where you would invent or design something related to your field that you would have to present before a panel of professors in your field.

In the end, as I learn more about the school from my peers and from what I read about from the other blogs of my peers in relation to my field, is that there is work to be done in order to make our school better. As for the catalogs from some of the other schools, City Tech’s catalog is a lot more detailed and organized than the rest. From our in class session a few issues that need to be handled example, there no labs and a lack of software, unnecessary courses, lack of communication when it comes to internship and things of that sort which should be looked into. If these issues can be resolved, it would better help us when applying for a career in our field of study and build the school’s creditability.

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