IT systems management job ads, Iurii Druchuk

Because I am in the Computer Systems Technology field, and planning to continue and expand my study at this direction, I have made a search for the appropriate job ads. In particular, I have searched the web for the positions in the departments of the IT management, or IT project management. My search was focused mostly to be in the NYC area, however, there are interesting for me positions all over the country. As I was progressing through my research of the criteria and characteristics of the future employees, I have found numerous general and specific demands towards the potential workers.

Some of the characteristics are vague and they vary from ad to ad. For instance, some of the jobs require automobile insurance, and a vehicle. In general, the mobility here is what counts. One of the general characteristics is motivation. Many of the job ads need their employees to be motived and friendly to the workplace, and coworkers. In addition, it is expected for the candidate to be able to learn rapidly and absorb information quickly. The quicker the transition into the new workplace is the better it is.

All of the hiring companies or institutions demand from the future employees a high level of verbal and written communication skills. In the USA, it is, in particular, English language. Moreover, many employers include the need of the potential employee to be able to work both with and without other workers. Being ready for teamwork and independent ability to work is crucial and highly expected. It is also required for the person to be a problem solver, to be able to proactively oversee the future problem or handle hazardous situations when it had happened. Ability to apply a logical and common sense approach to problem solving is as well important. Quick, effective troubleshooting methods through using the IT service management strategies. Giving technical support to customers and personal of the company. Hence, these are some of the most common criteria amongst the ads.

Another of the most common criteria is qualification. Minimum of 3 years, for a decent job in the field is required. Some of the high paying job ads include higher experience period, of course, and the lower salary jobs expect the lower requirements in the experience. Education is as well important. Most of the employers look for the 4-year degree in the IT related fields. In addition, the one of the most common characteristics for the candidates to be highly organized and have excellent planning skills. Also, the future worker has to possess strong leadership skills. Especially if one is an IT project manager.

After these general skills, there are very specific skills that the future IT manager has to possess. These are deeply professional and technical skills acquired over the years of study and practical experience. These include:

Administrative skills with using specific software such as SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange Server. IT managers are highly expected to possess the practical knowledge about Microsoft Office software, VMware applications. As well, operate and administer such system software as Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, Linux and UNIX bases, including server editions of these operation systems.  Many of the ads include requirements of setting and operating SQL Servers, Crystal Reports, and Microsoft Dynamics. Overall, the future worker has to know how to operate, troubleshoot and maintain both hardware and software components of the complex systems.

As for me, I am in the NYCCT in the major of CST, exactly to gain a good start for my career in the IT management field. Regarding the criteria, I have found in the job ads, I have number of the characteristics these employers require. These are ability to learn and adapt rapidly, critical thinking and logical problem solving. I have also practical experience in  troubleshooting, optimizing and maintaining PC desktops, laptops and simple networks. From the NYCCT I expect to be provided with the basics of the IT management. I believe the education here will more precisely familiarize me with variety of software and hardware that is being used nowadays in industries and by companies.

At this point, my conclusion is that I am not ready for the IT management job position. I have confidence that I will learn fast, however, I have no experience and enough knowledge about more complex systems. The taken courses here gave me more theory than practical knowledge as for now.

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