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In my job search, I’ve look through about twenty job ads. I used only one website. ( On the drop down menu I went into the “information system” category. It shows many available jobs for information system, however, not all of it seem like what it is suppose to be for. One of the work’s description was “passing out papers and relaying messages”. I double checked to see if i was in the right category, and yes, i was. I learned a little from that search. Always ask for the job description, because some times the employers might have put up an ad looking for something, but not at the right category or field.

So, I did find some ads which the description matches my field. Some of the job offer seem to be looking for a technician. The employer is looking for someone who is able to install, configure and maintain building printers, install software programs, and install hardwares. I felt something is off. then i remember the search “information system” is too broad. There are many fields within “information system”. Anyway, this job description did include some responsibility that is in the security field, which is in my module. However, the wage is ranged from $15 – $17. It seem quite low for the amount of work listed. because I’ve checked other ads and some included the wage. and it ranges from $20 – $30 starting from first year. Luckily for for the lower salary ad, it doesn’t require previous job experience.

The ads that belong in the security field of ” information system” seem hard to get into, because of the requirement. The line “To be considered for this position, you must minimally meet the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed” scares me. especially the word “minimally” and it required 6 years of experience. For a person whom just graduated from college may not be able to be accepted by this company. Most of the company ask for experience in Linux/Unix, taken and is IS certified and conduct ongoing periodic reviews, and work in fast pace environment. The listed requirements besides the working experience is expected. Linux/Unix is free and consider as the safest operating system, so companies tend to lean toward it. Certificates is also expected because technology is constantly changing, thus the users must stay up to date. Almost all technicians have to work in fast pace because employees must do their work.

The education I received in City Tech module classes seem very basic. I have a feeling that when I start working, i will need to go online and look up on how to do certain things. Throughout my first module computer security class, we’ve talked about the concept viruses. Some of my second and third module class seem to repeat its lesson from the prerequisite. However, not everything is useless, i did learn from those class. But, its just not what i had expected. When i get an internship, that should be when I would know what is need and required of me. If i have anything I need to learn. I can ask for my associate’s help, or go online. Like what most of the people in my module class tell me, go online for help and don’t rely on the college to teach you everything.


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Information System Security Analyst

System Analyst


Information System Coordinator 

Clinical System Analyst

Information Technology Administrator 

Senior System Administrator

Windows System Administrator 

Business Information System

 Information System Analyst

System Engineer 

Information System Specialist

System Administrator

Senior System Administrator 

Information Security Officer