Assignment # 1 What is my name?

I was named Jason because one of my uncle’s name was Jason. Another reason that I was named Jason is that each letter in my name represents the months in a year. (July, August, September, October, November.) I used to think that I was given the name Jason thinking I was not unique. In the bible, Jason is known as the “cure” to things. In Greek mythology, Jason was the leader of the Argonauts and fought to take the throne. Jason means strong and brave in Greek Mythology. Jason is an easy name to pronounce and is short. I believe that my name does not mean brave. I am actually the opposite when I am in unfamiliar circumstances. After doing some research for my name, I have a better understanding to why my parents named me after my uncle.

Meaning of my name

I. Names are sort of a representation of who we are. My name is Rokhaya. To some people it may sound unique but to me it kind of isn’t because it is a very common name in my country. I was named after my mother’s sister. They aren’t exactly related by blood but they grew up together and were close enough to be sisters.
Growing up I didn’t realize the importance of the name I was given. I just thought I was named after my aunt and that was it. However when I left my country to move here to the United States, I felt a stronger bond with not only my name but the person I was named after and the culture I left behind. They have this thing in my family where they think you are usually similar to the person and I find that to be true. Just like my aunt I am caring, quiet and funny. Well, so I’ve been told.
However having a name that most people have in my country doesn’t mean that I am exactly like those people. I do not like to be compared to other people especially knowing that they are nothing like me. My name also doesn’t mean that I will become exactly like the person I was named after. I must be a better version if that makes sense.
In general what my name truly represents is the bond my mom had with her sister. I am the symbol of their friendship and for that I will always feel special. To be the only girl from both my parents and to be named after someone they were closely related to makes me feel good and it makes me realize that I will always have a special place in their hearts.

My name is Jessica!

I was named Jessica because my uncle is name Jessie. There is not much of a reason why i was named Jessica but my name does mean a lot to me. I once hated my name but when many spoke about me I felt special because it wasn’t to just any Jessica but to me. I’m an unique kind of Jessica because everyone is different! Jessica means rich or God beholds and this is accurate. I love money but to me it means rich in joy and life. Also, I make a great friend and getting to know me might be inspiring.  I am an amazing person who can go through anything and still work hard with a smile!

Assignment #1

My name is Mahamadou Diallo. When i was younger i  always disliked my name. I would always get laughed at because my name was different and very difficult to pronounce. As time passed i learned more about my name and why i received it, and in no time i soon started appreciating my unique name more and more. I was named after my grandfather, he had recently passed away right before i was born. My parents hoped by naming me after him that i would inherit his determination and strong will to do whatever he set his mind too. Their wishes came true as i inherited my grandfathers strong traits. My parents told me he was the type of person who believed that the sky is the limit and you can do what ever you set your mind too, just like me. This research into my name impacted me greatly. It opened my eyes and made me realize how important a name can be and how even a simple name or difficult name can hold so much hopes, dreams and aspirations behind it.

Assignment 1 What’s my name?

  My name is Yanfei Wu.

  Yanfei is my first name. I do not have a middle name. Chinese characters are totally different from English, not alphabets. “Yan” is a multi-stroked pictographic character that is easily recognized. The widely known meaning is the bird– swallow. This Chinese character gives us a vivid picture of a swallow spreading its wings and extending its feathers. Swallows return to Northern China every spring, as a result, the bird becomes a symbol of spring that represents hope and the future. The swallow is extolled as an ambassador of spring in paintings, songs and poems throughout all ages in China. In ancient China, folks took delight in accommodating swallows nesting and bearing offspring in their houses and regarded it as good fortune and a blessing. Actually, it is the surficial meaning of “Yan” in my name. Not only does it signify a very firm conviction and passes a good wish, my grandfather gave the name to me, but expresses strong feelings of homesickness. When the pronunciation changes from first tone to fourth tone, it sounds more similar to the Anglicized pronunciation of my name. My name is a deeply significant. My grandfather hoped I would remember my whole family emigrated from Jiangsu Province. It used to be a fiefdom of a prince. His title was “Prince Yan” and he became the Yong Le Emperor, one of the most distinguished dominators in history in China. He moved the capital of China to Beijing, which is known as “Yanjing.” In addition, my grandfather hoped I would be a person with great ambition, even I am a female.

  There are several characters that have the same pronunciations as “Fei”, with different forms and different meanings. The character, in my name is an adjective, describing a scene of a rain shower mixed with snow. It comes from famous sentences in the only realistic poem in the Book of Songs, which is the earliest existing collection of Chinese poems and songs (the 10th to the 7th centuries BC). “At first, when we set out, The willows were fresh and green; Now, when we shall be returning, the snow will be falling clouds.”(Tr. by James Legge) The first part of the sentence is the view of spring; the last part is describes the scene of winter. The background of the poem is soldiers coming home after year-long expeditions. They experienced the dangers of war, the pains of torture, and the pangs of starvation. Also, we can feel the sad and tired feeling between the lines not only because a whole year fighting, but the feeling of missing their families. Furthermore, it express a vital idea — family play a significant role in the lives of Chinese people. They go home, no matter what kind of troubles are in front of them.

People often incorrectly write my name in two common ways. The main reason is that they interpret two different images. First is, “the swallow flies”; the other is Spring is a vibrant season of blooming flowers and grass turning green, and the swallow is coming.” Because there are two “Fei” characters that express “flying ” and “blooming season”, they are more commonly preceded by “Yan”.

  This is my name, which is meaningful and influential on my mind and behavior. Sometimes when I am confronted with difficulties, I should, like a soldier, be strong and confident and I can conquer them. Besides, I always know that my family will be there for me. I love them. Although my grandfather passed away two decades ago, I can still feel him somewhere: his beliefs and expectations accompany with me forever.

My name is….

Hi, my name is Sergio I. Morales I don’t really know the story of my first name, however I do know what my middle name represents. My middle name is “Israel” and it’s self-explanatory, I’m named after the country “Israel” but the true reason for my name was because that’s where “The Jesus Trail” occurred. The Jesus Trail is known as the route that Jesus may have walked from Nazareth. I guess that there is more to it but that’s my summary over all.

What’s my name

My name is Mutiat Soyemi. The name was given to me by my dad from the Holy book of Quran which means ‘’Obedient’’. My dad told me I was named Mutiat because according to him When God say something nobody can change it or disobey whatever he says. My name defines me since I was born because I always obey and respect everything my family and friends tells me to do and  I’ve grown with the name since then. I feel like my name is very unique because I am yet to meet anybody name Mutiat.


Comment below if you know anymore named Mutiat lol……

Assignment #1

My name is a part of my family and its legacy. I was given the name Carlos because it is my Dad’s name, Then, my middle name Andres is passed down to me from my grandfather. According to google it’s a Spanish baby name which means Manly. This relates to who I am because indeed I am manly. I love my name and I feel this way because its pasted down from important people in my family and I plan on doing the same when I have kids. The research behind my name impacts the understanding of myself because now it explains why I like going to the gym.

To my family, I’m Carlito,
but my name is Carlos

My name would have been Ruddy if it wasn’t for my mom,
she told my Dad that’s not going to be the name of our son

I ended up being a Jr … like father like son, I like the concept of passing down the name, even though it doesn’t sound like much fun

Just because I’m a J.r doesn’t make me lame, It may be basic, and just a regular Dominican name,but I’m not ashamed I love my name


Assignment #1

  • Noshin


Lotion, Potion, Ocean.

All things that rhymes with Noshin.

The Muslim name Noshin means sweet and pleasant.

Most will call me a present.

I’m my parents present.

“Noshin” still just means a phrase to me.
A distant noise that I need a mirror to see.

I learned today that I’m sweet as the meaning of my name.

But I’d still be sweet with the name Donald Trump.

I understand that I’ll always be nice.

Sweeter than gummy bears
because I’m the only one that cares.

Even let you call me “Nosh” on my worst days.
Even though there’s two of us so they call me “Nosh” most days.

The other is always happy.
Perfect hair, never nappy.
No I’m the other always bored .
Never explored.

Noshin is a common Muslim name.

You probably know a Noshin, perhaps I’m the Noshin you’ve come to know.



what’s my name?

I was given the name Ivy because my parents thought the name was simple, easy to pronounce and easy to spell. My name does not mean poisonous. The first thing that comes to mind when people hear my name is poison ivy. Ivy is actually an evergreen climbing ornamental plant which represents fidelity and eternity. People with this name tend to be quiet, cooperative, considerate, sympathetic to others, adaptable, balanced and sometimes shy. These definitions relates to who I am because I’m more of a quiet and shy person. I feel that my name unique because although it’s very simple, I haven’t encountered anyone with the same name.