Reflection on Sweat

Seeing a show for the first time at Broadway was very exciting. I really enjoyed the show sweat and also learned a lot from it. At the beginning of the show when Jason called Chris Nigga that really stood up to me because things like that still happens in today’s world. The character were very good, my favorite was Cynthia. At the same time, all the characters in “Sweat” are given to elaborate passages of exposition, laying out the histories of their families, their employers, their city. Some of these, such as Tracey’s speech about the devaluing of manual labor. The sweat was a very good show to watch and I’m glad I had the opportunity to.


It was really exciting meeting Sarah Schulman, first author I ever met in my life. I learned a lot of things from her. I liked how she told us young people to try and make our community better and stopping gentrification in NYC. And also after she read from her book the Cosmopolitan, I loved how she interacted with everyone, giving us advice, asking and answering question with us, asking people to participate or share anything. That’s what a good author is.

What’s my name

My name is Mutiat Soyemi. The name was given to me by my dad from the Holy book of Quran which means ‘’Obedient’’. My dad told me I was named Mutiat because according to him When God say something nobody can change it or disobey whatever he says. My name defines me since I was born because I always obey and respect everything my family and friends tells me to do and  I’ve grown with the name since then. I feel like my name is very unique because I am yet to meet anybody name Mutiat.


Comment below if you know anymore named Mutiat lol……