Reflection on Sweat

My first honest impression of sweat before watching the play was that it would most likely be unsatisfactory, i was proven very wrong though. The actors made the play very immersive with a lot of detail and emotions which made me feel sorrow for some characters at some point. Overall the play was spectacular and i do not regret watching it on a rainy day at all.


I found it very interesting  how Sarah schulman was able to incorporate the very fine details and good imagery of New York which mad it feel like i was their at the time. This even surprised myself as i was born and raised in New York  but still knew very little about the place where i was born.

Assignment #1

My name is Mahamadou Diallo. When i was younger i  always disliked my name. I would always get laughed at because my name was different and very difficult to pronounce. As time passed i learned more about my name and why i received it, and in no time i soon started appreciating my unique name more and more. I was named after my grandfather, he had recently passed away right before i was born. My parents hoped by naming me after him that i would inherit his determination and strong will to do whatever he set his mind too. Their wishes came true as i inherited my grandfathers strong traits. My parents told me he was the type of person who believed that the sky is the limit and you can do what ever you set your mind too, just like me. This research into my name impacted me greatly. It opened my eyes and made me realize how important a name can be and how even a simple name or difficult name can hold so much hopes, dreams and aspirations behind it.