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I. Names are sort of a representation of who we are. My name is Rokhaya. To some people it may sound unique but to me it kind of isn’t because it is a very common name in my country. I was named after my mother’s sister. They aren’t exactly related by blood but they grew up together and were close enough to be sisters.
Growing up I didn’t realize the importance of the name I was given. I just thought I was named after my aunt and that was it. However when I left my country to move here to the United States, I felt a stronger bond with not only my name but the person I was named after and the culture I left behind. They have this thing in my family where they think you are usually similar to the person and I find that to be true. Just like my aunt I am caring, quiet and funny. Well, so I’ve been told.
However having a name that most people have in my country doesn’t mean that I am exactly like those people. I do not like to be compared to other people especially knowing that they are nothing like me. My name also doesn’t mean that I will become exactly like the person I was named after. I must be a better version if that makes sense.
In general what my name truly represents is the bond my mom had with her sister. I am the symbol of their friendship and for that I will always feel special. To be the only girl from both my parents and to be named after someone they were closely related to makes me feel good and it makes me realize that I will always have a special place in their hearts.

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