Reflection in Sweat

I was already excited about seeing Sweat that morning. I always been interested in theater and it amazes me.  This play had me dying of laughter in the beginning just because of the language and energy I received from the actors. Overall I believe the play was fantastic and it held a lot of meanings and lessons. I can say I learned from this play and it will receive a 5 star from me. This play truly displayed today’s problems with society from “immigrants” to job and family issues.


The round table was very interesting. When Sarah talked more about why she wrote the book an image came into my head. I thought about my neighborhood and how it changed from when I  was smaller to now that I understand and see the change more clearly. It was deep and takes a lot to think about in order to write a book and now Its hard to believe she published 18 books, I found it amazing. especially since she almost did no research and used her memories and stories. Other than that I didn’t like that I was called on and I got so nervous that I panicked. I never spoke out loud to a crowd especially reading about something I wrote and it made me feel uncomfortable. Although I felt nervous and turned into a tomato I do wish I had shared something but there is a next time for everything.

My name is Jessica!

I was named Jessica because my uncle is name Jessie. There is not much of a reason why i was named Jessica but my name does mean a lot to me. I once hated my name but when many spoke about me I felt special because it wasn’t to just any Jessica but to me. I’m an unique kind of Jessica because everyone is different! Jessica means rich or God beholds and this is accurate. I love money but to me it means rich in joy and life. Also, I make a great friend and getting to know me might be inspiring.  I am an amazing person who can go through anything and still work hard with a smile!