Assignment #1

My name is a part of my family and its legacy. I was given the name Carlos because it is my Dad’s name, Then, my middle name Andres is passed down to me from my grandfather. According to google it’s a Spanish baby name which means Manly. This relates to who I am because indeed I am manly. I love my name and I feel this way because its pasted down from important people in my family and I plan on doing the same when I have kids. The research behind my name impacts the understanding of myself because now it explains why I like going to the gym.

To my family, I’m Carlito,
but my name is Carlos

My name would have been Ruddy if it wasn’t for my mom,
she told my Dad that’s not going to be the name of our son

I ended up being a Jr … like father like son, I like the concept of passing down the name, even though it doesn’t sound like much fun

Just because I’m a J.r doesn’t make me lame, It may be basic, and just a regular Dominican name,but I’m not ashamed I love my name


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