Open Lab Assignment # 2

Thank you all for your introductions and fascinating thoughts on the history and meaning of your names.

For your next OpenLab assignment: share two questions you might like to ask author Sarah Schulman when she comes to City Tech by 2/19. If you see a question that you think is particularly thoughtful or interesting, please reply to your classmate and explain why.

Snow Day!

As you were all hopefully informed, all of CUNY (including City Tech) is closed today due to the storm. Thus, class is canceled for today.

For Tuesday, please complete the assignments for today AND for Tuesday.

This means that for Tuesday you should bring with you to class:

  1. Your reader response assignment #2 on Danticat & Baldwin
  2. Sarah Schulman, Selected Readings. Please print these out from the OpenLab site (they are listed under ‘Readings’ tab.
  3. One fact about Sarah Schulman.
  4. In addition, you should have read Chapter One of The Cosmopolitans, which is included in the Selected Readings.

If you have any questions about any of these assignments, please feel free to email me at

Please stay safe and warm!

Ale Ale-jandro

Alejandro. Commonly used in the Latino community.  In Spanish it’s another way of saying  Alexander. In Greek it means defender of mankind. In America, it’s the name of a Lady Gaga song. My dad is named Alejandro, which is where I got my name from, nothing too amazing about it, I like to believe that I was given that name after a Mexican singer . People pronounce my name in 3 different ways, most people would pronounce it A-leh-jan-dro with and sometimes without a spanish accent. Some, including me at times, pronounce it A-li-jan-dro. However, most my spanish speaking family calls me Alej (pronounced A-leh). When people think about an older latino man, like my father, it causes them to attempt to pronounce the name in Spanish with the idea that he only knows Spanish. Rather with me, a person of this generation, people tend to pronounce it in various ways including with a English accent due to the fact that they expect me to know English. The Greek meaning of my name defines who I want be, a lawyer, someone who makes a lasting impact for generations to come. When I first thought my know, I didn’t think much about it. I just knew it was a Spanish name. When the Lady Gaga song came out, it annoyed, angered and it started to create some resentment towards my name. Today after defining my name and doing this assignment, it brought me at ease to see how my name defines who I am. Even though to others my name will always be known as the song Lady Gaga wrote, to me it means greatness.

what does my name mean?

Hello my name is Alondra, I was named alondra by Spanish soap opera that my mom used to watch. It’s so basic almost every girl in my elementary was named alondra..seriously. My nickname is (Alo) or (Ona) that’s what my dad mostly calls me. The meaning of my name is helper and defender of mankind. My name is also a type of bird which is a lark. i never knew what my name meant until searched the meaning of it. I like my name because it simple but i hate it when they call me Alandra with an (a) or like when they miscall it for Alejandra its really not even that hard. Soo yeah that’s what my name mean.