Assignment #1

  • Noshin


Lotion, Potion, Ocean.

All things that rhymes with Noshin.

The Muslim name Noshin means sweet and pleasant.

Most will call me a present.

I’m my parents present.

“Noshin” still just means a phrase to me.
A distant noise that I need a mirror to see.

I learned today that I’m sweet as the meaning of my name.

But I’d still be sweet with the name Donald Trump.

I understand that I’ll always be nice.

Sweeter than gummy bears
because I’m the only one that cares.

Even let you call me “Nosh” on my worst days.
Even though there’s two of us so they call me “Nosh” most days.

The other is always happy.
Perfect hair, never nappy.
No I’m the other always bored .
Never explored.

Noshin is a common Muslim name.

You probably know a Noshin, perhaps I’m the Noshin you’ve come to know.