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You Can Interview Anyone

If you could interview anybody, famous or not, including from family, friends, well known, or unknown people, who would it be? Why that person? List several questions you would like to ask them and explain why you would choose those. Besides yourself, who would be interested in or benefit from the interview? Why?


  1. Josue Giron

    If I could interview someone, it would be Robert Kiyosaki. He is the author of one of my favorite books: “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” I would ask him a lot of questions that relate to today’s economy. Questions like: What made you open up to the public about your life? What made you realize that you wanted to have a “rich”? What are your thoughts on today’s economy compared to 2010? What are your main 5 tips for someone who is trying to be like you? Others would benefit from this interview because they can learn from it.

  2. Kawthar

    I chose to interview President Joe Biden because he has a big impact involving today’s conflict with Israel and Palestine. He is doing so much that is hurting his own people and other human beings as well. He is ignoring his own people’s needs and involving his business with other countries. Some questions I would like to ask this president are: Why are you ignoring the needs your own country needs and spending money on other countries? Do you think two countries teaming up versus a country with God’s support and promise will have victory in the end? If you really support and think Israel is in the right place to have its own state, why won’t you give it one of your own states instead of supporting a genocide in Gaza and hinting to other Arab countries to take Palestinians in their own countries? These questions are important because if seeing innocent children, women, men, and elderly people die so regularly and with no humanity and with our president’s support don’t people in this country think this president wouldn’t do the same to their own people. These questions will help those who don’t know what our president is supporting and spending our money on. People will also realize that the amount of pain the Palestinians have been experiencing for many years and with no support besides these peoples’ royalty towards their God shows how nobody could defeat anything without God’s will. 

  3. Elianny

    I would interview the creator of The Simpsons, Matt Groening because in that show there have been many revelations in the present. There are many chapters where things happen that are happening today. I would ask you how you had so much creativity to create those episodes? What does he think or what goes through his head every time he sees something happen in some of the chapters? Why did he choose the characters to be yellow? Or if he ever thought that all that was going to happen? I think many people would be interested in knowing since there are many witnesses to these revelations.

  4. Shivam Patel

    If I was given the chance to interview anyone, I would interview Justinian the great. The nephew of a pig farmer who became the emperor of Byzantium. Most of the things I ask him would be about the historical events that happened during his reign such as his successful but short-lived reconquest of Italy and its aftermath. The Nika revolt and events that played out during the revolt along with the resulting massacre. How he managed to overhaul almost every part of the empire’s bureaucratic systems. I would love to tell him about the events that took place after his death and get his opinion about it. But overall, I would want to know what one of history’s greats thought of the current state of the world.

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