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  1. Josue Giron

    The podcast I listened to was: How does a computer discriminate?

    The podcast informs the listeners about IA and how race bias intercepts each other. They talk about the algorithm and how advertising companies track what everyone sees on the internet. Even Google is using these techniques that can follow your search. Safiya Noble explains how companies can pay money to link their product to a word that someone searches on the internet; I think it is interesting that companies are allowed to see what we search for, even if it is private. I am sure they have access to more than just the research history. This genre is suitable for those who are excited to put their opinion out for everyone. The genre has one significant strength: flexibility; listeners can listen to this on-demand where they are and when they want, and they can skip to a specific time they want. 

  2. Kawthar

    The podcast I listened to was “the agony and ecstasy of parenting” by Gene Demy, Leah Donnella, and Jess Kung. The podcast was about the ups and downs parents experiencing when parenting. It’s the physical and mental suffering (agony), and an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement (ecstasy) of parenting. In the podcast two parents share their experiences and thoughts with becoming new parents in this new world that’s constantly changing. They both share how gender norms, society pressure, racial identity, and more have become so difficult when trying to be the best parent. After hearing their story, I realized how even the smallest things in today’s society have changed in a way that has a different impact on children compared to the society our parents grow up in. It’s sad to realize that the past was better because parents want their kids to experience life and not depend on other things. This was a good genre because it was interesting and it had humor. However, it would have been better understanding to hear a parent that thinks that they have it easy on parenting nowadays. Overall, I really enjoyed hearing their story as it  taught me things I didn’t know. Another podcast I recommend is   “ Palestinian Americans say their stories face erasure : Code Switch : NPR”. 

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