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Your Experience Writing The Personal Narrative Essay

How was your experience writing a narrative essay about a story from your own life? Feel free to express yourself here positively, negatively, or otherwise. Did our class readings, discussions and peer review help you at all in the process? Was the assignment clear? Did you use the writing center in your process? Do you think you might use The Writing Center to help you revise for a higher grade (the essay revision is a required part of your final portfolio?


  1. AbubakarB

    My experience writing a personal narrative about my life felt really good because I’m not used to telling others about my personal life and whatever has occurred, but this essay helped me express myself a little. The reading homework that we had about the first drafts and the steps you need to take to write a good essay was very helpful because I’m a person who would just free right and as I’m going I would just edit and turn in whatever I just wrote, but the first draft essay taught me to be more patient about my work instead of just rushing to turn in my assignment. While writing the personal narrative I unfortunately didn’t use the writing center, even though they could have helped make my writing better than what it is now, I chose not to. In the future, I would encourage myself to go to the writing center when it comes to something like a final or project. As stated before, I enjoyed writing about myself and something that occurred in my life.

  2. Kawthar

    My experience writing a narrative essay about a story in my own life was really good. Even though, choosing one event in my life to share was hard but when I decided what to write about it, I was freely writing. Compare to any other essays this was more about me and what I wanted to share. I enjoyed it more because I didn’t have to put evidence or resources. Our class discussions and resources did help me with giving the best draft I could give and the right story to share. The articles we read taught me that everyone has a bad first daft but the more time and revision we have the better outcome you will have. Unfortunately, I didn’t use the writing center, but I had a family member’s help, but I will definitely use the writing center after the teacher’s feedback.

  3. Elianny

    Writing my narrative essay was very good. The truth is that it was good to choose my event and remember a little about my past and how it has changed/affected my life in a certain way. The reading in class definitely helped me understand what the professor expected from me and of course the assignment was clear even when it was difficult to start writing because I didn’t know how. I used the writing center twice for this and I would definitely use it again because it helps a lot (it is highly recommended)

  4. Ashleyn

    I have written a narrative essay before, but this personal narrative was more focused which allowed deciding what to write about easier. To be honest before starting the assignment I had lost track of why I was continuing my education. Of course, I’m doing it for me, but who was my motive for continuing I had forgotten. Personally, the class readings did help as they provided insight on what my narrative would look like. one thing I do struggle with was writing straight forward what I was thinking. This is something I didn’t realize until I went to the writing center. At times being bilingual is a burden but now that I know that the writing center can assist me on that, I will be returning to revise future assignments.

  5. Ibraheem Zokari

    I had a great experience writing a narrative essay about a story from my own life. This was a great first essay for the class and I had a good experience writing the story. It wasn’t stressful at all and I took my time on this essay. What helped me the most in writing this essay aside from the discussion posts, was the class readings and peer review. The peer review helped me a lot because the feedback I received from my partner was beneficial and I used it to strengthen my essay. Before the peer review, I thought I had written my best narrative yet and didn’t think I would have much to revise or look over but the peer review provided a lot of insight and a different perspective that caught things I didn’t. The in-class reading was also beneficial to me. I used them as a guide in writing my narrative, and it helped me a lot with the organization of my essay. The assignment was very clear and to me, was simple which is why I said it’s a good introduction to the course. It gave me a lot of freedom and didn’t feel like a burden to do. I didn’t use the writing center but I will go for my revision.

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