Unit 3: Writing in a New Genre Assignment

Due: See schedule for details.


Return to the research you conducted for your Op-Ed and the argument you made there, and decide on another genre in which to make your argument and share your research. By using a new genre to make your point, you can reach a different (or wider) audience. Think about what will change about the way the argument and information is presented.

One of the goals of this assignment is to repurpose the information you have gathered and the argument you have developed and use it to compose in a new genre. Transforming your writing in this way will help you think about how the conventions of genre affect writing and the presentation of information.

Note: This is a two-part assignment.

Part I: Reflection and Genre Analysis

Write a one page reflection (approx. 600 words) explaining which genre you will use (see the list below) and why.

In your reflection make sure to do the following:

  • Discuss the specific audience with whom you will share your argument and research. Briefly describe who they are, why you chose them, and how this research relates to them. (You have already done some of this thinking and writing for class posts and assignments.)What do you think your audience knows about the subject? And what might their concerns or assumptions be about this particular topic?
  • State the genre you will use to share your information with your chosen audience and explain why this is your choice. In other words, does your choice relate to this audienceā€™s interest, age, or a community they are part of? Or something else?
  • Discuss at least five traits that are unique to this genre.

You must choose one of the following genres (pick a genre that would appeal to your audience):

  • script or video/recording for a TED Talk
  • script for a radio or television interview
  • Twitter thread (at least 10 Tweets for the thread)
  • an interview
  • podcast script and (optional) recording of the podcast
  • an infographic or academic poster presentation
  • a short story
  • a graphic short story
  • a scene from a play or film script
  • poetry or song
  • a childrenā€™s book
  • Dance with narration

Part II: Writing in a Genre

Take your research and draft a document for your specific audience. Write your piece using the format and conventions of the genre you have chosen and analyzed: be sure to pay attention to the unique qualities of your genre, and incorporate traits from the list you made earlier.

Your objective is to share your research and argument with your specific audience.


  • Regardless of the genre, you must write a minimum of 500 words and follow the formatting and conventions of the genre.
  • In your finished piece, you must include at least two quotes from your research.
Here are the grading criteria for the Writing in a New Genre project:

Part I: Your one-page reflectionā€¦

  • is thoughtfully written and follows the assignment guidelines.
  • clearly and convincingly explains why the genre you plan to compose in makes sense for the audience you have chosen to address.

Part II: Your original pieceā€¦

  • uses one of the genres from the list provided.
  • follows the conventions and formatting of your chosen genre.
  • uses the research and argument from your Op-Ed.
  • incorporates quotes from your research into your genre piece.

Overall: Your Unit 3 projectā€¦

  • uses tone, language, grammar, and sentence structure appropriate for this genre.
  • has been carefully proofread.
  • meets the required word count.
  • has been submitted on time.
Unit 3 Final Project Due by posting to OpenLab By Dec 11