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How To Write An Op-ed

After carefully reading these Posts from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Duke University, put into your own words what you think an Op-Ed is, why someone would write one, and what might make it effective. These are good guides for your next graded Unit assignment, which is to research and write your own Op-Ed.






  1. Kawthar

    I think an Op-Ed is a writing which speaks about an opinionated topic that wants to be shared with others to change minds or to take into consideration. Someone would want to write an Op-Ed because they have an opinion that they think is valuable and important to be shared. This type of writing is to argue that your point of view is better than the opposite side. This writing could be effective by making your argument clear, hook the readers, use logic, pathos, ethos, include a counterargument, make it short (750 words) but embrace your voice, and show relevant data/evidence. The Op-Ed should be written with joy and passion. 

  2. Ashleyn

    I think an op-ed is a piece that discusses controversial topics. Someone would write an op-ed to share their opinion on a topic that is important to them. Doing this they could reach a lot of people that share the same opinion. Everyone’s voice is important, and they are many ways to express your thoughts and stand up for what you believe in and writing an op-ed is one of those ways. I think what makes an effective argument is making it personal. it will make the reader empathetic towards the topic.

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