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Choosing A New Genre For Unit 3

Write a one page reflection (approx. 600 words) explaining which genre you will use (see the list below) and why.

In your reflection make sure to do the following:

  • Discuss the specific audience with whom you will share your argument and research. Briefly describe who they are, why you chose them, and how this research relates to them. (You have already done some of this thinking and writing for class posts and assignments.)What do you think your audience knows about the subject? And what might their concerns or assumptions be about this particular topic?
  • State the genre you will use to share your information with your chosen audience and explain why this is your choice. In other words, does your choice relate to this audience’s interest, age, or a community they are part of? Or something else?
  • Discuss at least five traits that are unique to this genre.

You must choose one of the following genres (pick a genre that would appeal to your audience):

  • script for a TED Talk (recording or video of the talk would be great!)
  • script for a radio or television interview
  • Twitter thread (at least 10 Tweets for the thread)
  • a recorded interview
  • podcast script and (optional) recording of the podcast
  • an infographic or academic poster presentation
  • a graphic short story
  • a play or film script
  • Poetry or song
  • a children’s book


  1. Josue Giron

    For my unit 3 project, I’ve chosen to create an infographic poster to convey the message of my Op-Ed to owners of traditional combustion vehicles. The goal is to provide influential statistics and essential facts about electric cars to encourage them to consider making the switch or just simply encourage others that combustion cars are very dangerous to the environment, and electric cars can replace them to create a less polluted environment, especially in big cities like New York.

    The infographic poster allows flexibility in presenting information, utilizing vibrant colors and creative data arrangement to transform subjects into visually compelling pieces. In a world filled with information, an infographic poster stands out, offering a refreshing and engaging way to digest data. The poster is something creative that doesn’t allow the display of the same amount of information that would appear in a book or a “short” essay; the poster is free of cluttering information that takes some time to read.

    The poster’s dynamic layout allows strategic image and information placement, guiding readers throughout. This visual aspect captures attention and provides a distinct perspective on transitioning from combustion to electric vehicles. The poster will allow me to deliver my point of view in a way that everyone can understand by just looking at the layout of the poster. How the transition between information can help the reader understand the topic is critical to accomplish in this genre.

    I understand the importance of encouraging readers to take action, and the poster does an excellent job. Its call-to-action section prompts the audience to engage and consider the insights presented, enhancing my Op-Ed’s impact. This active involvement is crucial in helping readers absorb the information and make meaningful changes.

    However, creating an infographic poster presents unique challenges, requiring a balance between creativity and clarity. Yet, I’m excited about this opportunity to enhance my creative skills and push beyond my comfort zone. Doing some research about this genre can help me develop a good and presentable infographic poster that is visually compelling and easy to comprehend. But I need to be careful with what I use, like the colors, pictures, and data, because it must be formal and presentable.

    To conclude, I have confidently chosen the infographic poster as my medium to explore and experiment with new communication techniques. This bold transition from an Op-Ed to a visually captivating infographic promises to refine my writing skills and pave the way for innovative and effective communication methods. Embracing this challenge aligns perfectly with my desire to expand my skill set for future writing and visual storytelling endeavors.

  2. Kawthar

    The audience that I will be sharing my argument and research with are parents. Parents play an important role in their children’s decisions until they are grown enough to make their own choices. Parents’ beliefs and choice making for their children are what leads them to success and a great life. I chose parents as my audience because as an aunt and a woman with beliefs I want the best for children. I want for parents to pay close attention to the say they have on their children and for the information their children are gaining at a very young age without their consent. My argument and research relates to my audience because it’s about what has happened to parents having authority over their children. The type of constant and information given to their children is being ignored to inform parents when they have to.  Schools and teachers are mixing their beliefs and their purpose of teaching into the students’ lives. Beliefs of teachers or parents shouldn’t interfere in a place where education is supposed to be taught. Also life decision making shouldn’t be given to such young children and without the permission of parents. I think some parents know about the subject of this argument but probably don’t know how deep and important this is. They probably aren’t aware of the things their children are exposed to in school.  Their concerns might be to pay attention to the things their children are told in school. They might be curious now and start speaking about their rights as a parent. The genre to share my information with parents is a podcast script and recording. A podcast seems to be a perfect choice for most parents because it fits their lifestyle. Parents might be busy and have chores to do so an information given to them that’s read by the writer is convincing.  Also, a script is good because if parents are interested in the topic but would like a translated copy in their language they will have the option or for those who like to read.  A podcast is a popular genre most people use now.  Five unique traits for this genre are to hook the reader at first, the way it’s  written and recorded should be pleasing(written in a way to please the audience and good storytelling), keep it short but meaningful, don’t be too serious, bring humor and don’t lose focus about the topic. A podcast is a flexible source to fit the life of a parent. My goal is to bring awareness to parents about the way society is changing now and putting pleasure on their children.

  3. Elianny

    For my people I would choose people who work for the federal government, they are in charge of the annual bullet for different fields (including health money). I choose them because they have knowledge of the problem I am investigating. Health inequality is a problem that we all know about. Government people already have knowledge about this specific issue since they have seen and witnessed how health money is not being distributed equally to all sectors. The way they distribute the money depends a lot on the zip code and the health treatment depends on the socioeconomic status.

    The genre I am going to choose for this project is a script for a TED talk. I chose this genre because it helps me express my emotions with that topic and it will help me have a small conversation with my audience. Creating a TED talk will also help me have certain connections with the people who watch me and listen to the message I want to convey. For this genre I have to keep in mind that I must have the attention of my audience at all times. I don’t want to bore my audience because I want my message to be transmitted in a unique way and I want to leave them with a reflection so that they can try to find a solution to this social problem. At the end of my genre I also want my audience to question if what they are doing is really right. Creating my genre I have to take into account:

    Don’t lose focus on the topic (always stay on topic)

    Have a good tone

    Make it short but interesting

    Do good research to be well informed on the topic

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