Due Date: November 3rd

• Visual Quote Revisions are Due Week 10

• Quoted Due Week 10

To Do

This week, we worked in class on understanding HTML through using WordPress’s Block editor to view code of pages. We also developed our pages on OpenLab and now your homework is to develop the ePortfolio site you started today in class with all the content we’ve done thus far in our class.

To Read and To Watch

To reinforce what we went over during lab during class 9 in working with your Openlab ePortfolio site, reviews these videos on your own

Watch the Free Introduction to WordPress at WP 101

Watch the Free What is WordPress?

Watch the three free tutorials at the Introduction to Gutenberg site at WP 101

Watch the WordPress Dashboard and Posts Vs. Pages Videos

To learn more about HTML, read through the sections at this link https://htmldog.com/guides/html/beginner/

Next Project

Our next project will be the Designer’s Research Paper.