The presentation of the quote project on your OpenLab site is also factored into your overall OpenLab site grade, which is 25% of your grade, so make sure you have all elements of the project on the site. The final version of your  Eportfolio project is due on the same date as your final exam. With regard to your Eportfolio OpenLab site grade, the elements required are:

  1. A custom banner developed by you
  2. A bio (complete with hyperlinks to CityTech page and other sites you mention) that gives the reader a strong sense of you as a developing artist and student.
  3. Final Logo History Report and Your Design Research Paper–under Digital Media Foundations
  4. Visual Quote Project–under Digital Media Foundations
  5. Field trip Report: Discussion of 3 Art Pieces–under Digital Media Foundations
  6. Responses during class or for homework that have been noted on your homework assignment sheets
  7. 45-second Video Project-under Digital Media Foundations

Below is the rubric for this project.

See these fomer studdent’s eportfolio sites for a look at the work you need to have posted and how the work should be presented to meet and exceed the rubric’s criteria. This site has all the elements on it.

Zijun Huang’s eportfolio

Below are links to past students who received excellent grades on their Eportfolio project. These are models for you to follow in doing your own work.

Due dates for e-portfolio are the last two week of the semester, Weeks 14 and 15.