For my visual quote, I decided to use quote that’s not only old-fasion but one of a classic. If you’re like me, you probably heard it in the doctor’s office before or after some type of examination. I’ve been hearing it outside as well, hence the reason why I use the quote, “An apple a day keeps the doctors away.” The reason why I decided to use this quote is because I heard my mother said it so many times and it never really made sense to me until I got older. To give you a little back story about this quote, it was originally made in the year 1860 when it was said to be an old saying from Pembroke shire in Wales. For my final designs above, let me describe to you how I made my designs with InDesign.

For my first design I wanted place the quote as big as I can on a page without using any fonts yet. The overall outcome of this first design was to make the point of the apple being the main goal. That’s when I decided to find an image of a perfectly good, healthy apple, so I can copy, paste and resize it so a bunch on small apple would spell the words, “an apple a day keeps the doctors away.”

For my second design I decided to use just one image of an apple along with an outline of the same apple I made using the pen tool. Since the color of the regular apple is usually red, I decided to change the color of the outline, then placed it in front of the apple image so it gives it an interesting look. For this design I decided to use a font, so I used (Verdana regular which is sanserif font to make the words simple yet understandable to the viewer’s vision.

For my third and final design, I decided to think outside the box but also be creative as well. As you can see there is a bunch of apples that look like there are falling from the tree (or branch) but if you look closely at some the apple you can see certain words from the quote spelled onto them. For this design I used back the same font (Verdana Regular) because I liked how it looked in the second design and also, I look at the quote, I can get the same effect as i did from the same previous design.