Individual Final Work

Ervin Zhao English 2575

An explanation of the research that you did during the semester, making sure the research you did is spelled out clearly.

During the beginning of the semester, we were given a task to examine the situation of our neighborhood. We had to describe who was living in your neighborhood and describe who was affected by the pandemic. That was the first task of our assignments, our next task was to exchange our findings and compare them to our partners. We were able to combine our information via email to complete our assignment. Our final task was to provide an informational ad for the public, with Yicheng Wang, Alpha Barry, Mazen Alquan, and myself we decided to design a flyer.

My job was to provide the group with information about what lessons were learned and how they should be prepared for the future. My method of research was fairly simple, after 6 months of fighting the virus much was learned and many articles regarding the pandemic from many medical professionals taught us how to avoid spreading the virus.

An explanation of your participation, including details on who you worked with, and your participation in the final group project.

During the beginning of the semester, I worked with Yicheng Wang to provide a combined examination of our neighborhood.

As the semester progressed I worked with Yicheng Wang, Alpha Barry and Mazen Alquan to provide an informational ad for the public. My task was to provide the group with information about what lessons were learned and how they should be prepared for the future.

Log entry

June 1 – Completing Task 1 and 2

June 2 – Emailed my partner the work I’ve submitted for tasks 1 and 2 and submitted it to Open labs

June 4 – Received an email from the professor about the next task that requires four students. Our group members were Yicheng Wang, Alpha Barry, and Mazen Alquan.

We exchanged contact information and started a Whatsapp group chat.

June 5 – We began working on task five.

June 10 – A google doc was created so we can write our work into it.

June 13 – Our group decided on our approach to inform the public.

We decided on flyers.

June 14 – A post on Openlabs about our idea and destination of our work.

June 15 – The design for the flyer began.

June 17 to June 22 – Everyone was doing their individual research.

June 23 – we posted our findings onto our Whatsapp group chat.

June 24 to June 29 – We did many revisions on the flyer until we were all satisfied with the results.

June 30 – Our project was complete.

I feel as a group member my weakness was procrastination, though I had extra time to work on this project I could have put more effort into my research at an earlier time. If I would have finished my project earlier and practiced a little more, my group and I would have been more in sync. I feel the strength I have as a group member is adapting. I think with the changes for class due to COVID-19, a strength of mine along with my group was adapting to the online classes. I feel as a group we all adapted well and made the decision. We got through it and did a great job! My strength as an individual was being prepared. I feel I was fully prepared for my role and confident in my research.

Individual final work

Name Here: Chris Gyasi

Individual Final Work

Research Explanation

Our group is focusing on justice in America and we would like to inform our audience about Race and Equality. As a class, we have decided that our targeted audience should be the residents of New York City since everyone in the class lives in the city.

Participation Explanation

Due to the Corona virus and our limited time our group mainly interacted through WhatsApp. We each decided to focus on our boroughs. So my role was research. The research started out with what was happening in my own neighborhood but eventually expanded to areas of the Bronx I was not from. Communication with my teammates was difficult at times mainly because of our daily schedules. Specifically mine. I work from 9-7 and with travel I usually got home around 8-9pm.


May 31

The 1-2-4-All Challenge and… oh, yes, Hello! Intro to course

June 6;

Collaboration with teammates

June 8;

Discussed with teammates how to combine our descriptions of what is outside our windows into one coherent answer.

June 10;

Discussed direction of project

June 13;

Collaboration with teammates

Research for 1st article

June 16;

Research for 2nd article. Discussed with teammates to get their input

June 20;

Collaboration with teammates

June 28;

Collaboration with teammates


Last minute formatting of information.

Sakib made adjustments to website design

Submission of Group project

Letter to Professor:

Though the class was not as difficult as a regular semester class the timing and the condensed structure made it a challenge. I previously told Professor Barlow that group projects were not a strength of mine and we discussed how I could overcome this weakness and complete the course because in the real world more often than not I would be required to be part of a team.

Individual Final Work

Date: 07/03/2020

Your Name: Yicheng Wang

I. An explanation of the research that you did during the semester, making sure the research you did is spelled out clearly.

My position within the group was communication and relation between the team-members at the beginning of the project, then I turned focus towards researching, and information gathering as more task is provided. The communication starts off via email, then through cell phone application ie, text message and WhatsApp. The research component of the project is done mostly through official Government and States website as well as international non-profit organization such as World Health Organization.


II. An explanation of your participation, including details on who you worked with, and your participation in the final group project.

In this project I worked with three students; Mazen Alquaiti, Ervin Zhao, and Alpha Barry. My first participation within the class was the first 2 tasks where I introduced myself and the outside of my window. In task 3 where we work as group of two, I have combined what I and my partner Ervin Zhao have written from task 2 into one paragraph regarding on similarities and differences between outside our windows. In task 4, 5 and the final project, we became a group of 4 students to work together as a team. After the fifth task we as a group of four started doing the final project. Base on our background we have decided to design a flyer as our final project. As we all contribute to the Google Docs Mazen have created on the goals and focus of the final project, the group have discuss it and to make changes then Mazen posted it on OpenLab. Lastly in the final part of project, each one of us have our designated tasks to complete:

My task was to explain the Coronavirus, understand the symptoms of it, and know the prevention from it.

Mazen’s task was to create and design a digital flyer and translate English to Spanish.

Alpha Barry’s task was major statistics on Coronavirus and research findings.

Ervin Zhao’s task was Lessons learned and preparedness for future viruses.


Date Activity
06/01/2020 Work on Task I and Task II
06/03/2020 Establish communion with partner Evirn Zhao Via email and cell phone.

Shared and discussed respectively Task I and II, and come in conclusion on Task III

06/04/2020 Established communication between four members of group on WhatsApp.

Started on the discussion of task IV and defining coronavirus info

06/05/2020 Work on Task IV with Mazen Alquaiti Alpha Barry Zhao Ervin
06/10/2020 Discussed the fifth task within group and have Mazen send it to the google document.
06/13/2020 Come to conclusion that final project will be flyer regarding the COVID-19
06/14/2020 Brief discussion on the flyer and post a detailed description of project on OpenLab


Task management and researching and information gathering
06/21/2020 Information shared, stay by for changes
06/25/2020 Received the first draft of flyer
06/26/2020 Made some change on first drift
06/30/2020 Received final draft.

Project ready.

Yicheng Wang


Professor: Robert Lestón

As this semester is coming to the end, this class definitely was the most unique course I ever had. Professor Aaron Barlow has a very unique way of teaching as he wanted us to work as a team to complete the given task, like in workplace. However due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is a bit hard for the whole class come together and accomplish what Professor Barlow had wanted to complete by July. Although Professor Aaron Barlow have provided a power point slides about the technical writing challenge, and which was very valuable as it has a very useful structure on task management and work load organization. However not everyone is willing to read the 20page slideshow unless its forced upon. But it definitely is a great reference not only to this project for this course, it will sharpen us on task management and workload organization skill for our future. Lets back up to the beginning of the semester, where Professor Barlow’s approach to class via email and website that has tasks for everyone to complete. This way of teaching, I find a lot of interest in it. Where not much instruction is given, no one is there to baby stepping each one. And by clarify and solving the given task as a class was exciting. However, communication is the key. Ultimately this class have taught me how important communication between everyone is.


GROUP FINAL WORK(Team:Racial Equality Foundation)

                                                    GROUP FINAL WORK

                                      Team: Racial Equality Foundation                                  

                                                       Group Members

                                                  Mohamed Sawadogo

                                                               Md Sakib

                                                              Chris Gyasi

Topic: Racial Equality

Our Website  link:


The title of our project is chosen to address justice in America. It is a website made for our audience to find information about racial inequality occurring daily in the USA.  The website also comports a series of guides and solutions for people who think that they have been unfairly treated because they belong to a certain racial category.

It is composed of four different headers:

Header 1: Speak about the cause of racial inequality  (racial issues occurring in our neighborhood

Header 2: Federal and state social services for community help against racism

Header 3: Local minorities lawyers who charge half price to defend people from the community

Header 4: Office members contact information


This  foundation  has been created during a period when a racial equality of USA  citizens has been sorely tested. George Floyd has been murder in Minneapolis by police brutally without any apparent reason. USA population mostly the black community saw his death as a repercussion of racial discrimination and protested in mass throughout the country. The widespread protest was followed by looting that impacted the economy which was already in distress due to Covid-19. Many people in America are very upset because racial discrimination is persisting even knowing it is condemned by the constitution. Our project come as answer to all these questions and seek to provide relief to those people who are actually  impacted by racial discrimination anywhere in our communities.

To reach the audience, we will distribute some flyers that include the website where they can find the information of the project ( www.  additionally, the flyers will include the office phone and fax numbers of the office personals if the need does arise.

I can imagine how happy the group will be when this project goes live on July 3rd.We are glad because people of our communities who felt hopeless regarding  racial discrimination in the pass will now be orientated to a certain relief of their problems. Additionally, they will be informed in real time all the racial issues that are occurring in our communities.


                                                           Team Member Role/Task:

Research specialist: Mohammed Sawadogo, Md Sakib, Chris Gyasi

Writer/ Editor: Mohammed Sawadogo, Md Sakib, Chris Gyasi

Website designer: Md Sakib

Website  link: