Each week there will be an in-class activity or assignment.  These are short-form, hands-on projects that are meant for learning, practice, and experimentation in the comic format.  You will begin them in class and will be expected to share them for critique in the following week.  These are not individually graded assignments.  Their value is as part of the learning process, independent of the final outcome.


This class is planned to function as a creative crucible!  In order to do so we need to build an active writing community to share ideas, critique work, work and support.  There are multiple channels to participate in building our class culture factored into the overall grading system.  

In this course, you are expected to help grow and care for our creative community.  Here are some ideas of ways to contribute:

  • Participate in our DISCORD (required)
  • Moderate our DISCORD 
  • Facilitate Reading Discussions 
  • Design, Edit, and Layout our class anthology.  (Help!)
  • Solicit feedback on your work in process (Discord and in class)
  • Critique each other’s work (Discord and in class)
  • Knowledge Share! –  We all come from a range of diverse experiences and spaces of expertise.  PLEASE volunteer to share your knowledge! 


Though there will be multiple projects throughout the semester (see CRAFT) there will be only one graded assignment.  Students will work over the course of the semester on one Memoir,  Biography, or Auto Bio project that will be proposed by week 3 of the semester and is due on week 15. Comic length, medium, and other outcomes will be tailored to the individual project and author.

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