Intro to Ink


DISCUSSION: Lighter than My Shadow by Katie Green – Sandy & Morgan

DISCUSSION: Final Project Work in Progress Check-in

Lecture: “The Perfect Pen” Materials Introduction

DEMO: Introduction in Ink & Materials- Sandy

Due Next Week

  • READ: Smile by Reina Telgemeier.  

YES, this is a kid’s book. ENJOY! 🙂 

Reina Telgemeier has won 3 Eisner Awards for her auto-biographical works SMILE, GUTS, and SISTERS and her books hang out regularly on the NYT bestseller list and are gobbled up by kids of all ages and genders.  What’s the appeal?   

We are looking for a class reading discussion leader for next week. 

  • Homework 3: Finished 4 Panel Comic Due. 

Continue to post your progress on Discord.  But please be sure to bring your final work to class so that we can hang them up for discussion.  

  • Please be prepared with your supplies for a group work session next week.  We will continue to explore materials and working processes in class. 
  • Feel free to continue your diary – But remember it’s a tool to help you, so please also, take a break from it or reinterpret the assignment to suit your needs.  It’s not your main priority. NO STRESS.
  • Be sure to meet with me, your Prof. one-on-one regarding the final.