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This is a blog for recording my job hunting.

Blog #8:

Even though this was stressful and at times overwhelming, I am glad that I’ve finally finished my internship with 120+ hours!!! WOOHOO!!! It was such a wonderful and very fun experience since this will help me actually understand how to hunt and get a job in the future. Everyone in the internship was very friendly and helpful to me for any kind of help that I needed and because of them, I managed to make some pretty neat designs for GivingForward’s Sweepsforacause campaign. It was a fun rodeo, but it has now come to an end. However, I will still keep in contact with the people of GivingForward and give them a helping hand if I need to. Also, this internship experience made me realize that you have to take what you can get and not wait until the last minute to find or get a job. It only just makes finding a job a very stressful and overwhelming experience especially also when dealing with classes on the side, but you live and you learn from those experiences.

Blog #7:

Just getting out of Thanksgiving break and going back to work. I was at least able to get some rest and relaxation, but now it is time to bring this internship to an end ^^. I’m 111 hours and 53 minutes in and I am happy that I am very close to finishing.

Blog #6:

Quick update on how the internship is going for me so far.

While it has been a pretty stressful couple of months with dealing with classes and this job, It has been pretty good for the most part. I’m making sure to keep up and check in with my supervisor for this internship and I’m actually pretty close to finishing up soon. I think I only need just 6-5 days left before I officially have 120 hours in total. I’m at the home stretch!

Blog #5:

This is an update on how the job is going so far. Right now, I am now on my second or third week of internship and everything is going well. I’ve been creating different sketches and designs for this organization named Sweepsforacause.

Blog #4:

Quick update: I have finally gotten a job! Finally! I honestly didn’t think I was gonna find a job. So many weeks and months waiting for a reply from the other jobs was stressful, but not anymore! So far, the job GivingForward is going well. Everyone greeted me and made me feel really welcome to the team. Hopefully, everything goes well. Wish me luck!

Blog #3:

I’m back again to post my job hunting update. It has been a very stressful process so far for me. So far, I haven’t heard one word about the jobs that I submitted applications for. Hopefully, they will reply soon and I can get started on working and putting hours in.

Blog #2:

Back again to record my progress on finding a job. So far, I have been hired to do a job at my sister’s job as an intern to assist kids. It’s been a while since I’ve done something like this, but I will do my best! I’m now at the stage where I have to fill out some papers for this internship in order to start working. Hopefully, all this gets settled, so I can get started.

Blog #1:

So far, I have been searching around for jobs using the app Handshake and other methods by asking friends and teachers. Luckily, with the help of my friends, professors, and sister, I managed to apply for at least two jobs that interested me.

I right now am currently waiting and preparing myself for this job interview on working in a school that my sister works in. Meanwhile, I still haven’t heard back from the other internship so far, but hopefully, I also get a chance to learn more about what this internship does so I can get a clearer understanding. Fingers crossed!