My original quote: “Artist are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.”

Enhanced Quote 1 Revised

For the first quote, I wanted to go for the literal sense of the quote since it says that “Artist are just children.” So, I decided to add a child who is drawing rainbow with a crayon. Plus, I also decided to use my handwriting for this since I wanted to make the quote more personal in a sense. I even jumbled p the letters around to kind of make the words seem more playful.

Enhanced Quote 2

For my second quote, I changed it quite a lot and I personally like this one better than the last. I decided to keep the idea of lining up the crayons together, but make more of a limited color palette even though I did like the idea of having a rainbow in the visual quote. With some helpful advise, I searched up what Crayola crayons are like and decided to use that format to create this piece. In this one, rather than having my handwriting this one, I used the font that was very closely related to the font of the crayola crayons which is own as Omnes. Also, another thing that I would add that is similar to the characteristics of the Crayola crayon is the translations that they would have for the different colors, but rather than the colors, I used the words of the quote. The last thing I’d like to point out is just that I just made it seem like the crayon was coloring the white space since I personally didn’t like the white space.


Enhanced Quote 3 Revised

For the third quote, It is such a drastic change from the last draft I did. Instead of following the quote, I decided to make it more broader and branch out to the other forms of art that the quote can also mention other than a crayon. So, to follow my slight theme for a child like design, I thought that finger painting or painting in general would be a better fit for the visual quote. I decided to go back to sing my own handwriting along with the jumbled up words since a painting is suppose to be messy and personal.


These are just the small thumbnails that I did for the first quote.