Month: November 2021

Blog #8:

Yes, I am performing clerical duties as well as duties related to my major. In my job as a graphic designer and illustrator, I am illustrating ad designs in which we would post on social media which in turn would now generate traffic that would go towards the website GivingForward to make it more well known. The typical day for me was to get out my drawing tablet and start sketching and coming up with ideas. Then after I do that, I would message my supervisor and co-worker for feedback to see if one of my ideas is acceptable. Then I would go back and refine it before making the overall design more cleaner.

Blog #7:

1.) What I was learning on this job with regards to the industry and the economy/business was communication. When It comes down to receiving feedback, communication is key, so I would have to go back and forth between my co-workers along with my supervisor in order to get some form of feedback.

2.) What I was learning on this job regarding the industry and economy/business was teamwork. When there were times when our supervisor couldn’t make it to a meeting, we as a  team would have to critique each other’s work and give each other feedback that was needed in order to make our designs better.

3.) What I was learning on this job also regarding the industry and economy/business was time management. I still struggled with this at times, but this internship has made me improve somewhat because I would try to improve one thing before moving on to work on another thing and make sure that I don’t stress or strain myself when I try to design or illustrate ideas and such.

4.) What I was learning on this job also was the overall big picture. We as the workers for GivingForward had to watch videos and look through other resources to get an idea of what it is that we do as creators for this organization and get a feeling for the overall mindset that we need for it. A video that I watched that had to deal with the golden circle really opened my eyes to how I should create my designs with this video in mind. In a way, my design/idea had to tell a story and in a way, telling stories is something that I am pretty good at.

Blog #6:

The culture of my workplace was pretty formal. I would have a neat-looking shirt, but we didn’t really have a particular dress code. The typical employee workday regarding hours and lunchtime was to pretty much create your own hours. I worked for 5 hours a day while my break was around 30 minutes.  Around the time I work, I would sketch up some ideas of designs to be placed or put into social media and get it critiqued by my supervisor or other co-workers. We communicated through group chats and Zoom/Google Meet meetings every Saturday to discuss how we are doing so far and what we’ve got done. The software that I would use to manage the projects is Clip Studio Paint Pro. It is and probably always will be my go-to software to use.

Blog #5:

I am an illustrator and graphic designer in charge of creating and posting designs for social media. My supervisor is Oscar Stadthagen who is the general manager for the small profit GivingForward. How I came across this internship site was actually through one of my friends. When I was still at a struggle with actually finding a job, he helped me get an internship here through recommendation and I can’t be any more grateful to him for doing that. Of course, I was pretty nervous after sending the general manager the application because I was a bit scared of getting rejected like all my other applications, but I was surprised when no less than a week, I soon got an email that said that I got the job.