Hiroshige, “Fine Evening on the Coast” 1856

One of the art pieces from the “Blue” exhibition in the Nassau Museum that I love in particular is Hiroshige’s “Fine Evening on the Coast”. The reason why I find this piece really interesting in particular out of all of the others is because I personally have an acquired taste when it comes down to art works from a particular artist. I’m not really a fan of very modern and contemporary pieces and this one just stood out to me because of the way how it seems like it tells a story. It just has a narrative feel to me and I love art pieces that tells a story. Another reason why I found this piece very interesting in particular is because I love the woodblock techniques that are being used in this piece. I just have a thing when it comes to Japanese woodblock paintings because I find it really appealing to me. Even the use of blue gradients in this piece fits with the overall theme of the “Blue” exhibit.


Yanjun Li, “Red Eye” 2019

Another piece that I decided to talk about in my field trip report is the Red Eye by Yanjun Li from the SVA Gallery Color Management exhibit. The reason why I found this piece to be very interesting to talk about is because of how colorful this piece is. I love how the artist experimented and played with both the warm and cool colors of this oil on linen piece to make it pop and come together. Even adding a gradient from a cool color on the top to warm colors on the bottom of the background  was very pleasing to my eyes. In speaking of eyes, I also really loved what they did with them. You can see practically a whole world with that eye because of the moon lit sky within it, but it can also play as the shine in your eyes as well, making the audience probably interpret it in their own way. Even the sclera seems like it’s some sort of glass window due to the variety of colors, but again, it’s up to the audiences interpretation.


John Rego, “Great Blue Heron on Aves Plaza2019

Another piece of artwork that I also want to mention from the SVA gallery Color Management exhibit is John Rego’s, Great Blue Heron on Aves Plaza. The reason why I would like to talk about this piece in particular is because I really like the realism going on with this piece, from everything to the gigantic Heron as the emphasis and center piece. Even though I’m not a particular fan of contemporary artwork, I like how Rego used size to bring his acrylic on wood artwork together. He plays with the eyes of the audience, like I mentioned in my other pieces because of seeing this Heron in the center while also looking at the very small yet detailed plaza along with the birds and the background.